Seli M. Rose is a writer, actor, producer, graduate of LSBU Acting and Performance, and completed The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art’s Shakespeare course in London. In LA, Rose concluded Studio 4’s Producing and Acting Program producing My Pearl, written and directed by her twin sister Selma Marset, which premiered at UCLA’s James Bridges Theater, and got officially selected to screen at The Chandler International Film Festival and the Canadian Diversity Film Festival.

Rose majored in theater and did stage plays in Germany including notable Carmen, the story of soldier Don José’s downfall, playing the fiery gypsy Carmen who seduced José.

In LA, she studied with prestigious coaches at Playhouse West, Diana Castle’s The Imagined Life, Howard Fine and Margie Haber. She has produced 5 Episodes of a Documentary Series called Life Line Booth which was successfully distributed by Pivot TV. Rose acted in and co-produced the short film Diwa with 9 wins and 5 Nominations at Catalina Film Festival, San Diego International Film Festival, Dances With Films, City of Angels Women’s Film Festival, just to name a few.

Rose co-produced and played a key role in Borderline, a horror film winning Best Thriller and Best Drama with Phil Méheux attached as Cinematographer (known for James Bond’s Casino Royale, GoldenEye). Borderline got officially selected to screen at the Fantasy Film Festival in Paris in June, 2023. Seli appeared in a number of Television Shows such as You’re the Worst, Days of Our Lives, CSI: Miami, was cast as the real-life Princess Jasmine in Buzzfeed’s Production If Disney Princesses Were Real with 26 Million views on YouTube, and appeared in national commercials for Southwest Airlines and Chevrolet.

In London, Rose starred opposite Martin Kemp in UK’s TV Series Casino Casino. She won Best Actress at the Open World Toronto Film Festival and Best Ensemble Cast at Asians on Film Festival for Diwa. A traveler at heart, having been in 16 countries and 50 cities, Rose feels that her travels have given her so much more depth as a content creator and experiencing humanity through storytelling is an ultimate fulfillment for her. Currently a member of Film Independent, Rose is focused on her Feature Films that she co-wrote with her producing partner who is her twin sister. The Duo has an affinity for original content, yet universal stories, and non-traditional female driven narratives targeted for a global audience.

Selma Rose is a German director, writer, producer, and graduate of UK’s Thames Valley University BA in Film Studies, Filmmaking, and the London Film Academy (LFA) for Directing. LFA has nurtured and produced hundreds of filmmakers who have gone on to make their own independent projects and work on some of the biggest productions, such as: Chernobyl, The Irishman, Game of Thrones, Green Book, Justice League, Alien Covenant to name but a few. Furthermore, she attended the London Script Consultancy focusing on Story, Technique and Scene Analysis as well as completing the Raindance Directors’ Foundation course.

Rose has directed and written three short films in the UK and My Pearl as part of Studio 4’s Producing and Directing program which was showcased at UCLA, James Bridges Theater, and officially selected to screen at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival and Chandler International Film Festival.

Apart from Film work, Selma Rose directed stage plays presented at Ela Resort’s Amphitheatre in Antalya, titles including The Fountain, Superman, Titanic, and she directed the German play Der Bürgermeister as part of her thesis project in her hometown Hamburg, Germany.

Photography is one of her biggest passions, therefore Rose additionally worked as a studio photographer personalizing concepts when directing and capturing people from all walks of life. She has a pipeline of Feature Film projects, a TV Pilot, with disparate genres and commercial viability that she has co-written with her twin sister Seli M. Rose and focuses on taking them to the next level.